The Complete Magic Set


Dive into the enchanting world of magic with Jay and Joss’ Imagination  Complete Magic Set – a spellbinding collection designed to unleash the creativity and wonder within budding magicians of all ages.

Inside the sleek and captivating Imagination Magic Set, aspiring magicians will discover a treasure trove of mystical tools crafted with precision and infused with the signature style of Jay and Joss. The set features an array of carefully curated items that promise to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary feats of illusion.

The Complete Magic Set by Jay and Joss is not just a collection of magical props; it’s an invitation to explore the limitless possibilities of the mind. Perfect for aspiring magicians and those who believe in the power of imagination, this set is an ideal gift that encourages creativity and sparks a lifelong fascination with the art of magic.

Unleash your inner magician and let the magic of Imagination take centre stage with Jay and Joss – where every trick is a journey into the extraordinary realm of wonder and excitement.

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5 amazing magic tricks to fool your friends & and Jay & Joss Lanyard!

Really easy to do!

Highly effective!

Comes with everything you need to perform some incredible magic tricks, and online video instructions to follow along with and learn the tricks step by step.

Each set contains 5 magic tricks and a limited edition Jay & Joss Lanyard:

  • Secret Magic Cards
  • Vanishing Playing Cards
  • Light Up Thumbs
  • Appearing Magic Wand
  • Colour Changing Silks
  • Limited Edition Jay & Joss Lanyard
  • Special Link to Online Instructions


*Updated 24th July 2022