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Can't find the magic set instructions?

Are you looking for the Jay & Joss magic set instructions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We decided not to include an instruction booklet within the set. We know lots of children have the set too, so we wanted to make the tuition as simple and as easy to follow.

With that in mind, Jay & Joss filmed video instructions, teaching how to do each trick in the set, step by step.

You’ll be able to watch and see exactly how the tricks should be performed, follow along with the explanations, and also get extra performance tips and advice.

Jay & Joss Magic Set

With this being a publicly accessible page, we’re unable to give you the magic set instructions link directly – Jay & Joss would get kicked out of The Magic Circle if they told anyone and everyone the tricks of the trade!

Instead, we’ll show you exactly where to find the link, and you’ll be one step closer to learning the magic!

Here's what to expect:

Here's where to check for your magic set instructions:

The first place to check for your magic set instructions link is the inside lid.

You’ll see an ‘Important’ sticker with a few details. On the sticker, you’ll see the link to the instructions.

The first place to check for the secret magic set instructions link is on the leaflet inside the box.

You will have a folded leaflet inside the box with ‘Jay & Joss’ printed on the front, and the secret instruction link is on the inside printed in the bottoms right hand corner.

Magic Set Instructions
Magic set Instructions printed on box

You must have found it by now…

Still can’t find the magic set instructions link? The magic sets have the instruction link printed on the inside flap of the box. You should see it as soon as you open up the box!

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Using the Jay & Joss Magic Set, you’ll learn 5 amazing and easy to do magic tricks to fool your friends and family! 

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