March Recap

March was fun! 

We started off the month by doing a big Costco shop to stock up on snacks and drinks for the office, we love getting the big box of cookies from there to have with a nice coffee! We’ve been spending a lot of time in the office lately, building props and production equipment for an external theatre show that were really excited about! Once everything is up and running we will be sharing pictures with you all! 

Our friend Alfie came down to visit us too, we went to bingo and had a meal which was lovely as we haven’t seen him for a while! I’m not sure he was the biggest fan of bingo, it was a little bit too fast paced! 

Something fun we did was performing at Centre Parks, it was a stunning resort and we had the best time doing close up magic and performing some of our show there. Its always nice to see lots of different parts of the UK and this was is Cumbria where we aren’t at that often. 

How could we forget, we saw Frozen the Musical this month! It was absolutely fantastic and we loved every minute of it! We went there with our friend Ella who we have worked with previously so it was great to see her! Later on, we met up with our friend Luke who is currently preparing to perform his show Diva from Hell at the Edinburgh Fringe… We cant wait to see the show!

We finished off the month by returning to Butlins for our tour then had some well needed relaxation time, it was well needed!

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