April Recap

We had loads of fun in April! Stick around and we’ll tell you more!

We started off the month at Butlins, on tour with our show, what a great way to start the month! After setting up our new studio, we have been creating lots of new fun and exciting YouTube videos that we will be posting on our channel so keep your eyes peeled for those! 

One of our highlights for the month was going to Seal Bay Resort in Chichester. We have never performed at this resort and we absolutely loved it! It was such a beautiful place and the performance space was amazing with lots of cool technical elements that we loved playing around with! The resort was so big, there was a bus that took you around as everywhere was too far to walk!

There were also a couple of boring things that have had to take care of this month like getting our lorry serviced… yawn! We made the most of this however, by bringing our laptops and getting lots of work done with a lovely coffee in Costa. It was a long four hour wait but food and drinks definitely kept us going! Speaking of which, we treated ourselves to a waffle maker this month! We’ve been loving going to the waffle shop in town so we thought why not make them ourselves, it’s been a lot of fun experimenting with lots of different sweets and chocolate combinations! 

Something nice we did this month was having our own barbeque, we started up the logfire and had a lovely chilled night in the hottub. It was well needed! The day after, we went to the Olivier Awards in London, we had so much fun watching the ceremony and then we met up with a friend for food after.

To close the month, we did a couple more live shows across the country, some more close up gigs and spent some time in the office sorting out lots of admin work.

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