February Recap

Well this month has come and gone fast hasn’t it?

Even though February is the shortest month, we’ve still managed to cram a whole lot into it! Let me update you with all that’s gone on since we last caught up.

We started off the month by sourcing new props for future shows, making sure we have fresh, exciting illusions to entertain our audiences. We picked up four different illusions and have been busy rehearsing with them ever since. There is something we bought that we’re so excited to use as it involves an audience member participating! Do you think you’ll be brave enough to take part?

We started touring again this month, performing our old show for now at Butlins. We had a lot of fun performing and seeing our friends there who we haven’t seen for a couple of months. It’s always nice to get back onstage after a little break.                   

Another exciting thing that came this month is our new merch! We’ve released new magic sets, slap bands, wristbands and restocked our caps as they are a fan favourite! Everybody loves a good deal so we have released package deals of our new merch that are exclusive to our online shop, one of them even includes the opportunity to personalise some of the items! 

As usual, there have been many close up gigs that we’ve attended for events such as parties and corporate events. We always love doing our close up gigs as the intimacy of engaging with our audience up close and personal brings another level of magic to our performances. Being able to witness the immediate reactions of the audience is such an amazing feeling!

The thing that we’ve been the most excited about this month however is the Blackpool Magic Convention. This is the world’s largest convention where over 3,000 magicians go to meet to showcase their talents; sell any props or merchandise that they own and to just have a great time! We were there for the whole weekend and loved every minute of it from watching the gala performances to once again, buying new props and illusions for our shows! The warehouse here at Jay & Joss HQ is definitely getting a little bit too full now!

We finished off the month by performing at Butlins again and rehearsing with all of our purchases that we’ve acquired over the month, it’s been a lot of fun! Keep checking back for more updates!

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