We’re back!

It’s been a while since our last blog post (if you can even cal it that!) – we’ve been extremely busy working on a brand new show that will blow you away!

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation taking over the world at the moment, it’s been really challenging – we were shortly going to be announcing a small tour, sharing some of the new show to audiences across the country. We’d planned on releasing just a small handful of dates, in the hope that we could see how it was received, and possibly make a few tweaks ahead of a larger tour next year.

This new show is the biggest challenge we’ve ever taken on. It involves the most amount of equipment we’ve ever used (in terms of magic and production), it involves the biggest team we’ve ever had and it will be the most impressive show we’ve ever attempted to pull off.

We’ve been working so hard behind the scenes, basically starting everything from scratch – scripting, designing, purchasing, building, teching and rehearsing… we’ve genuinely not stopped working on this over the past couple of years. Any inch of spare time we’ve had has been devoted to making our new show the best it possibly can be.

We honestly feel it’s going to showcase everything we wanted in a magic show. It’s what we both envisaged when created Jay & Joss.

I personally cannot wait to share what we’ve been working on, and I know Jay can’t wait too!

We both really hope you’ll be able to see the show when we’re able to perform again – we’ll keep you updated with progress as and when we find out more.

Keep smiling, stay positive and #staysafe,

Joss x